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Flaming truck driven to front door of Chinese fire station


Hefei / January 21: A quick-thinking driver in China whose truck caught fire in transit drove the vehicle to the front door of the local fire station for help. Video from the fire station in Hefei, Anhui Province, shows the flaming truck approach the station Sunday and about two dozen firefighters coming out of the […]

Man on store video wanted for $1,500 chewing gum theft


Ontario / January 15: Canadian police are searching for a man accused of staling over $1,500 worth of chewing gum from a local pharmacy. Surveillance footage posted to YouTube by York Regional Police shows the man entering the pharmacy in Markham holding a garbage bag after arriving by taxi. “A few moments later he re-enters […]

New York man searching for police officer who drove him to job interview


New York / January 15: A New York man is trying to identify the police officer who gave him a ride to a successful job interview to make good on a promise of lunch. James Roberts, 58, said he was headed for a job interview for a position at a LaGuardia Airport car rental company […]

Canadian shopper finds vodka bottles had been filled with water


Toronto / January 15: Canadian police are conducting an investigation along with the Liquor Control Board of Ontario after a Toronto shopper discovered that a vodka bottle he purchased at a local store had been filled with water. Rick Crumpton, 62, purchased a plastic 1.75-liter bottle of Smirnoff vodka at an LCBO store, but discovered […]

Dog saves stranded sea turtle on New England beach


Boston / January 15: A New England sea turtle owes its life to a local dog after the observant animal spotted the stranded turtle on a nearby beach. Officials from New England Aquarium said a storm washed seaweed and other debris onto Ellisville Beach, leaving the loggerhead turtle stranded until the 2-year-old dog, named Veda, […]

US Eatery Offers Free Pizzas For A Year Reward To Nab Burglar


January 9: Fed up of frequent thefts, a restaurant in the US is offering a unique reward of free pizzas for an entire year to anyone who can help in nabbing the culprit of the most recent burglary in the eatery. Patrick White, the owner of Kaos Pizzeria place in Denver, Colorado, said a man […]

Family detained when Airbnb rental revealed as marijuana grow house


January 8: An Australian family taking a Gold Coast vacation ended up detained by police for five hours when their Airbnb rental turned out to be a marijuana grow house. Jacquie Young, 46, and Dieter Winkler, 48, said they used Airbnb to rent a home in Burleigh Heads for their vacation with their five children, […]

Woman, 19, honored for lifting pickup truck off pinned father during fire


January 8: A 19-year-old Virginia woman received a lifesaving award for lifting a pickup truck to free her father and rescuing the rest of her family from a fire. Eric Heffelmire said he was working on his GMC pickup truck in the garage of his family’s Vienna home Nov. 28 when his jack slipped and […]

Monkey cannot own copyright to ‘selfie,’ U.S. judge says

An activist from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wears fur and is caged during an anti-fur protest outside the International Fur & Fashion Fair in Hong

January 8: A rare crested macaque that took a now internationally famous “selfie” cannot own the copyright to the photograph because he is not human, a U.S. judge ruled in a suit brought by animal rights group PETA on behalf of the monkey. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals brought the case in September […]

Jazz musician plays saxophone while undergoing brain surgery


December 18: A Spanish jazz musician was kept awake and playing his saxophone during brain surgery to ensure his neurological functions remained undamaged. Carlos Aguilera, 27, was sedated and given painkillers during the surgery to remove a brain tumor at Malaga’s Carlos Haya hospital, but he was kept awake and playing his sax during the […]

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