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Doctor! Doctor!

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Manohar D Shrestha / Kathmandu: In recent times, two deaths in quick succession in two different hospitals in the valley incensed families and friends of the deceased. The result: the grief-stricken bereaved members let their grievances out for their irreparable losses by resorting to vandalism and manhandling of doctors. The government added its two bits […]

Reminiscing Karnali River Adventure

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Manohar D Shrestha / Kathmandu: Years ago I had watched a movie called “Deliverance”, starring yesteryear’s he-man Burt Reynolds about a fun-filled, adrenaline packed, adventurous river trip of a few friends that ends up in tragedy. The story of the movie was eerily surreal. A few years later, we were invited for a trip to […]

Cecil and Harambe; a lesson for Himalayan Republic

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Manohar Shrestha / Kathmandu: The tragic killings of Cecil the lion and Harambe the gorilla in a US zoo in 2016 generated much international uproar and coverage in both the mainstream and social media. Dr. Walter Palmer who hunted Cecil in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park was shredded to pieces in the social media. He had […]

Trip Down under

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Manohar Shresth / Kathmandu: It was already dark when I was cruising in a taxi from the international airport to my hotel in downtown Sydney. After a long non-stop flight from Bangkok, I was a little impatient to get to my hotel room for a good night rest as I had to be up early in […]


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Manohar Shrestha / Kathmandu: We are beginning to hear a lot about Jack in the Newar Valley these days. We are told that ‘Mr. Jack Daniel was NO SAINT. BUT HE DID START SOMETHING OF A RELIGION’. Sometimes we would be told ‘IT’S NOT SCOTCH, IT’S NOT BOURBON.IT’S JACK’. Thankfully ‘JACK LIVES HERE’ now, almost, […]

I am inspired by the kindness, decency and warmth of the people of Nepal: DeLisi

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Kathmandu: As Nepali people are sincere and hard-working, they have been receiving support from different quarters. Many foreigners who come to visit Nepal have found their heart in Nepal. Scott H. DeLisi is one such person who came to Nepal as a diplomat and continues to support the country even completing his assignment as US […]

Silence not befalling in social media during election silent period; CEC Dr Yadav calls parties to abide by silent period


Kathmandu / May 12: Although we are in silent period mandated by the election code of conduct, it appears that people, including politicians, candidates and voters, seem to continue soliciting votes or conducting such campaign in figurative languages in the social media. Take for instance producer Nischal Basnet’s latest tweet that illustrates the adage ‘As […]

Nepal makes scant progress in rebuilding 2 years after quake


Sankhu / Apr. 25: The paved alleys are still lined by the skeletons of homes once filled with families. Shop shelves are empty, and the water well in the center of town remains clogged by fallen debris. Children carefully side-step piles of broken brick on their way to school. This is life today in the […]

Visitors increasing in Sworgadwari but the place lacks infrastructure (Feature)

Sworgdwari Temple

Kumar Chaulagain / Pyuthan, March 30: Sworgadwari, one of the major pilgrimage sites and also a place of tourist attraction in the country, is witnessing an increasing number of visitors every year but the place lacks adequate facilities. Lack of infrastructures at the Sworgadwari Tapobhumi means that the pilgrims are facing difficulties. There is shortage […]

Issues emerging around internet governance in Nepal (Commentary)


Narayan Prasad Ghimire / Kathmandu: A total of 3.6 billion people – nearly half the world population- use the internet now. As the internet has become a global facility for communication, commerce and innovation, it has been the hangout of the youth populace these days. Nepal, despite being the least developed country, has witnessed increasing […]

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Cecil and Harambe; a lesson for Himalayan Republic

Trip Down under

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I am inspired by the kindness, decency and warmth of the people of Nepal: DeLisi