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Recognition of Internet as effective medium of freedom of expression practice a need

An illustration picture shows projection of binary code on man holding aptop computer in Warsaw

Narayan Prasad Ghimire (Kathmandu) / Aug 21: Flurry of views and comments on social networks on any public issue and their viral spread has been normal with the expansion of internet in Nepal too. One of the modern wonders, the internet, has been the quickest medium to circulate ideas and information and augment business thereby […]

Pun to launch door-to-door campaign for invention centre

Mahabir Pun sharing his thoughts on education in Nepal

Parbat / Aug 21: A door-to-door campaign has been launched to set up National Invention Centre. The Magsaysay award winner, Mahavir Pun, took the decision to launch the campaign after he did not receive support from the government after repeated request. The era belongs to science and technology so the country cannot run without it, Pun […]

Deleting your Instagram account won’t solve the internet’s hate problem


Lauren O’Neil / Aug 20: Leslie Jones, Alec Baldwin, Kiera Knightly, Stephen Fry, Lena Dunham, Zelda Williams, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. The list of celebrities who’ve been driven away from digital public spaces — where millions of us go each day to share bits of our lives with the world and our friends — […]

Satellite images used to predict poverty


Paul Rincon / Aug. 19: Researchers have combined satellite imagery with AI to predict areas of poverty across the world. There’s little reliable data on local incomes in developing countries, which hampers efforts to tackle the problem. A team from Stanford University were able to train a computer system to identify impoverished areas from satellite […]

London’s 24-hour Tube = $101 million economic boost


Alanna Petroff / Aug 19: The start of 24-hour weekend service on London’s Tube is set to boost the capital city’s thriving night-time economy. The annual economic benefit from “Night Tube” service is expected to peak at 77 million pounds ($101 million) within the next 15 years, and help create 2,200 new jobs, according to […]

Hyperactive galaxy could run out of gas in just 8 million years


Ken Croswell / Aug 19: An exuberant galaxy is running on empty, consuming gas so fast that it may stop forming stars in just 8 million years – the blink of an eye, cosmically speaking. M82 (pictured above) is one of the nearest “starburst” galaxies, lying just 12 million light years away. Although much smaller […]

2nd Planet May Have Been Habitable Once: Scientists


Aug 13: Observations suggest Venus may have had water oceans in its distant past. A land-ocean pattern like that above was used in a climate model to show how storm clouds could have shielded ancient “Hellish” is a word commonly used to describe the atmosphere on Venus, but a new study suggests the second planet […]

Paralyzed patients regain muscle control with the help of virtual reality


Aug. 13: A 32-year-old woman who had been paralyzed from the waist down for 13 years has regained partial control over her legs after a revolutionary new treatment. The woman, dubbed “Patient 1,” is part of an ongoing research study that uses a system of brain-controlled robotics and virtual reality to restore neurological and physical […]

Google Ventures founder latest executive to depart Alphabet


Seth Fiegerman / Aug. 13: Bill Maris, the head of Google Ventures, is leaving the venture capital arm he founded, making him at least the third prominent executive to depart Alphabet (GOOGL, Tech30) in recent months. Maris confirmed his departure in an interview with Re/code on Wednesday. “It’s mission accomplished for me,” Maris told the […]

Keyless entry systems on many vehicles are hackable, security researchers say


Aug. 13: A group of computer security experts say they figured out how to hack the keyless entry systems used on millions of cars, meaning that thieves could in theory break and steal items without leaving a broken window. The experts say that remote entry systems on millions of cars made by Volkswagen since 1995 […]

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