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Instagram adds feature that will change how you view photos


Sept. 03: It’s time to brush up on your photo editing skills. Instagram is rolling out a feature that will let people get a closer, more intimate look at your pictures. Appropriately called Zoom, the new addition will let people zoom in on photos and videos in their feeds. The move is a welcomed one […]

Samsung goes to the extreme with its Gear S3 smartwatch


Sept. 02: Samsung is toughening up its line of wearables with the new Gear S3. The company unveiled its latest smartwatch on Wednesday at IFA 2016, Europe’s annual gadget convention. The Gear S3 is the company’s follow-up device to the sleek Gear S2 model, which CNNMoney has called one of the best smartwatches we’ve tried […]

Juno probe returns close-up Jupiter pictures


Sept. 03: The US space agency (NASA) has released spectacular new images of Jupiter acquired by its Juno probe. The pictures show the swirling clouds of the gas giant at both its poles – views that no previous mission has managed to acquire in such detail. Juno captured the data last weekend as it made […]

Luminol, a compound used in crime scene may combat malaria


Sept. 02 / A compound that detectives spray at crime scenes to find trace amounts of blood may be used one day to kill the malaria parasite, says a new study. The compound called luminol glows blue when it encounters the hemoglobin in red blood cells. The researchers found that the compound can be used […]

Mobile app launched for monitoring construction works

Mobile app

Kathmandu / Aug 23: The Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport Management has started monitoring the infrastructure development projects running under its aegis through use of information and technology. The Department of Road (DoR) today introduced an IT application for monitoring the under-construction bridges. Through the software named ‘Bridge Side Monitoring System Application’, four hundred […]

Recognition of Internet as effective medium of freedom of expression practice a need

An illustration picture shows projection of binary code on man holding aptop computer in Warsaw

Narayan Prasad Ghimire (Kathmandu) / Aug 21: Flurry of views and comments on social networks on any public issue and their viral spread has been normal with the expansion of internet in Nepal too. One of the modern wonders, the internet, has been the quickest medium to circulate ideas and information and augment business thereby […]

Pun to launch door-to-door campaign for invention centre

Mahabir Pun sharing his thoughts on education in Nepal

Parbat / Aug 21: A door-to-door campaign has been launched to set up National Invention Centre. The Magsaysay award winner, Mahavir Pun, took the decision to launch the campaign after he did not receive support from the government after repeated request. The era belongs to science and technology so the country cannot run without it, Pun […]

Deleting your Instagram account won’t solve the internet’s hate problem


Lauren O’Neil / Aug 20: Leslie Jones, Alec Baldwin, Kiera Knightly, Stephen Fry, Lena Dunham, Zelda Williams, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. The list of celebrities who’ve been driven away from digital public spaces — where millions of us go each day to share bits of our lives with the world and our friends — […]

Satellite images used to predict poverty


Paul Rincon / Aug. 19: Researchers have combined satellite imagery with AI to predict areas of poverty across the world. There’s little reliable data on local incomes in developing countries, which hampers efforts to tackle the problem. A team from Stanford University were able to train a computer system to identify impoverished areas from satellite […]

London’s 24-hour Tube = $101 million economic boost


Alanna Petroff / Aug 19: The start of 24-hour weekend service on London’s Tube is set to boost the capital city’s thriving night-time economy. The annual economic benefit from “Night Tube” service is expected to peak at 77 million pounds ($101 million) within the next 15 years, and help create 2,200 new jobs, according to […]

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