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Country’s development from technology development: NPC Vice Chair

Yuvaraj Khatiwada

Lalitpur / November 9: Vice-Chairman of the National Planning Commission, Dr Yubraj Khatiwada, has said that the country’s development would get momentum only after the development of technology. Addressing a programme organised by the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology on Monday to mark the World Science Day-2015, Vice-Chair Khatiwada stressed the need for giving […]

A New Paradigm for Cancer Research, One That Focuses on Improving Efficacy and Value


November 6 : The $100 billion federal government investment in the “War on Cancer,” has produced only relatively modest progress in cancer research advances, according to Yale School of Medicine researcher Dr. Cary Gross, and his collaborator Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel. The pair authored a recent viewpoint article in the Journal of the American Medical Association, […]

Organic Photovoltaic Material Offers Great Promise for Solar Energy


November 6: Scientists at MIT believe modeling electron excitation in organic photovoltaic material could change the future of solar energy. The semi-conducting plastic is lightweight, flexible, relatively inexpensive, and easy to make. The problem is that, unlike inorganic photovoltaic material, it is not very efficient or stable. But work by Adam Willard, an assistant professor […]

Neuroscientists Observe Signs of Synaptic Plasticity Emerging in a Living Brain


November 3: From the first project David Sheinberg took on as a graduate student in 1989, his work to understand the brain’s visual system has been influenced by a model proposed in 1982 at Brown by Elie Bienenstock, Leon Cooper, and Paul Munro (BCM). Now, somewhat by coincidence, Sheinberg, professor of neuroscience at Brown, is […]

NASA Space Launch System Completes Design Review, Ready to Meet the Challenges of the Journey to Mars


October 24: NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) has completed all steps needed to clear a critical design review. It is the first vehicle designed to meet the challenges of the journey to Mars and the first exploration class rocket since the Saturn V. SLS will be the most powerful rocket ever built and, with the […]

Oracle US conference to focus on integrated cloud customers


IANS | October 23: In a fresh bid to provide insights into its integrated cloud platform, the future of the enterprise and the new era of secure computing, global software major Oracle has invited some of the top industry leaders and innovators for brainstorming under one roof in the US. The annual Oracle OpenWorld 2015 […]

New Species of Galapagos Giant Tortoise Identified


October 24: A team of researchers from Yale University have discovered a new species of giant tortoise in the Galapagos. A few hundred giant tortoises living on one side of Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos actually are a separate species from a second, larger population living less than 10 kilometers away, a new Yale-led […]

Hubble Reveals Some of the Earliest Known Galaxies


October 22, 2015: Using gravitational lensing, the Hubble Space Telescope has revealed some of the earliest known galaxies – galaxies that formed just 600 million years after the Big Bang. Observations by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have taken advantage of gravitational lensing to reveal the largest sample of the faintest and earliest known galaxies […]

Google launches translate-a-thon series for Nepali


KATHMANDU: With an aim to reduce the language barrier for Nepali speakers on the web, Google has launched “Love Your Language Nepal” campaign, which includes translate-a-thon series in Kathmandu, and invited Nepali translators, language experts and language lovers to help improve the quality of Nepali translations online. The translate-a-thon event kicked off in Kathmandu on […]

Merkel says Facebook needs to do more against racist posts


Germany : German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Facebook to do more against racist comments and hate posts, in comments due to be published in a regional newspaper on September 11. Germany is expecting a record-breaking influx of refugees this year. Politicians and celebrities have voiced concern about a rise of xenophobic comments in German on […]

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