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Uber: We did not steal Google’s self-driving tech


Dave Lee / April 08: Uber has said claims it used self-driving technology stolen from Google were “demonstrably false”. Waymo – a company spun out of Google – filed a lawsuit in February claiming former employee Andrew Levandowski had stolen 14,000 documents relating to LiDAR, a core technology used to guide autonomous vehicles. Mr Levandowski […]

New ALMA Observations Show Stellar Explosion in Unprecedented Detail


April 08: Astronomers captured these dramatic images of the remains of a 500-year-old explosion as they explored the firework-like debris from the birth of a group of massive stars, demonstrating that star formation can be a violent and explosive process too. The colors in the ALMA data represent the relative Doppler shifting of the millimeter-wavelength […]

Smartphone use blamed for road deaths


Apr. 01: A sharp rise in US pedestrian deaths has been partly blamed on people using their smartphones while driving or crossing the road. The US Governors Highway Safety Association estimates that there were 6,000 pedestrian deaths in 2016, the highest number in more than 20 years. In the last six years, fatalities have grown […]

Snapchat makes its stories searchable


Kaya Yurieff / Apr. 01: Snap (SNAP), the parent company of the popular disappearing photo app, is rolling out the feature in select U.S. cities on Friday. The company didn’t say which cities it will be available in. Stories, the 24-hour photo and video posts shared by users, first launched in the app in October […]

Groundbreaking AI researcher hopes for ‘radically different’ ideas from Toronto lab


Apr. 01: One of the biggest names in machine learning research has high hopes for the Vector Institute, Toronto’s new artificial intelligence research hub. Geoffrey Hinton, considered one of the fathers of a popular branch of machine learning research called deep learning, is the institute’s chief scientific adviser. He doesn’t have any decision-making power — […]

Astronomers Model the Stellar Winds and Magnetic Field for Active M-Dwarf Stars


Apr. 01: Astronomers have begun a program to model the stellar winds and magnetic field for active M-dwarf stars, finding that the pressure of the stellar wind at the exoplanet was a thousand to ten thousand times higher than the solar wind pressure at Earth. Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the Earth (only 4.28 […]

Karim Baratov, Canadian charged in Yahoo email hack, will fight extradition to U.S.


Mar 18: Lawyers for the Canadian man charged in a massive hack of Yahoo emails hope to get their client released on bail and said they plans to fight his extradition to the United States. Karim Baratov, 22, of Ancaster, Ont., faces charges laid by the U.S. Justice Department related to computer hacking, economic espionage […]

Tech Tent: Fake ads, fake news and real voice tech


Rory Cellan-Jones / Mar 18: The tidal wave of fake news spreading across the web has brought mounting pressure on Google and Facebook to face up to their responsibilities as platforms for false information. But now the two web giants are under pressure over another kind of fakery – fake advertising. On this week’s Tech […]

Netflix is testing a ‘Skip Intro’ button, and viewers love it


Mar 18: Binge-watchers rejoice: Netflix is testing out a button that lets users skip a TV show’s title sequence. No more watching the same minute-long intro song and credits before every episode of “Orange is the New Black.” Netflix told CNNMoney Friday that some Netflix members recently began seeing a “Skip Intro” button while streaming, […]

Etna escape: ‘Pelted with the deadly, hot debris’

Etna Escape

By Rebecca Morelle / Mar 18:When we arrived in Sicily, we discovered that we were in luck: Mount Etna had just started to erupt again. I was part of a BBC team who had come to film a report on volcano monitoring. Getting to witness an awakened Etna was about as exciting as it gets […]

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