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For sale: Art twins tied together by hair

Freeze hair

Agencies : This year’s Frieze will see performance art for sale, including Tunga’s twins tied together by their hair When it comes to contemporary art, many have been left perplexed over the weird and wonderful items for sale in the name of creativity. This year’s Frieze London, one of the world’s leading fairs, is set […]

Golden Retriever puppy takes bath or shower every day by himself

puppy bath

Agencies: Think of a dog and what comes to mind? Playing fetch, eating, and digging for bones? Well, thanks to one remarkable pooch, our imaginations may now conjure them running baths. Brady, a four-month-old Golden Retriever is apparently so hygiene-conscious that he will bathe himself on a daily basis. And that’s without the help of […]

Amazing Race Canada: Front-running duos battle it out in finale

amazing race

RUTH MYLES : “One hell of a Race.” That’s how competitors Matt and Gino sum up their experience on The Amazing Race Canada while watching their partners (Nick and Jesse, respectively) search for a single ski in a sea of thousands atop Whistler Mountain during the finale. And at this point in Wednesday night’s episode, […]

Uncovering the Secrets of Pluto


Agencies: Long before the icy dwarf planet Pluto was discovered on the outskirts of our solar system, amateur astronomer Percival Lowell began his search for an object he called “Planet X.” It was 1905, and, at the time, our solar system had eight known planets. Astronomers had found Neptune, the eighth planet, in 1846 after […]

Babies smile to ‘make you happy’ claim scientists


SAM WEBB: A toddler-like robot has helped experts further their understanding that babies smile in order to get the same response. Furthermore, with the skill of a seasoned comedian, they time their smiles wisely, to maximise their audience’s response. And what is most surprising is that babies achieve this effect while smiling as seldom as possible. […]

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