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Even though it’s late, victims will get something from the commission: Subedi

Shree Krishna Dai 1

Kathmandu: Formation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission had become a ray of hope for all conflict affected people as they expected to get justice from the commission. The commission was formed with the objectives of investigating the incidents of human rights violations during the period of armed conflict, creating environment conducive for sustainable peace […]

We want real conversion of our students beyond religion: Fr. Boniface Tigga, Regional Superior of Nepal Jesuit Society

Fr. Boniface Tigga Photo

Kathmandu: There is no doubt most middle class Nepali people want to enroll their children in St. Xavier’s School as the school is cheap and the quality of education is quiet high. However, only a few lucky parents go through the process and succeed to enroll their children. Nepal Jesuit Society has been praised for […]

Communities need to be honest about what is needed as opposed to following our lead: Andrew


Kathmandu: The natural beauty of Nepal has not only attracted tourists but also drawn some of them to be part of the community. Andrew Raible is one such tourist, who visited Nepal in 2010 for his honeymoon and has been a close friend and supporter of Nepal since then. During his visit to Nepal, he […]

When all ways seem to be closed, the new way starts from there: Bishnu Gautam

Bishnu Gautam

Kathmandu: It is rightly said that where there is a will there is a way. When people lose their loved ones they spend the life in their memory lamenting on their loss, but for Bishnu Gautam the tragedy provided the window for engaging in social work. Although he lost his sons, he decided to work […]

Threshold for healthy politics and stable governance

Federal States

Manoj Karki (Kathmandu) / Feb 8: Nepal at present is gearing up for three major elections that would change the face of leadership in the new federal set up of the country. Notwithstanding the ongoing tussle between amendment to the new constitution and elections, the latter is inevitable as it is a constitutional requirement that […]

The government should recognize I/NGOs as a development partner: Neupane


Kathmandu: Govinda Neupane is a well-known name in the field of I/NGOs as he has worked in it for many years in the senior level. Currently, he is serving as the Country Director of IM Swedish Development Partner. He has witnessed the scenario of the development sector for a long time and contributed towards positive […]

Government should strengthen the rule of law and strictly enforce it: Khetan


Rajendra Khetan is a renowned industrialist. He has been leading a major business group of Nepal, the Khetan Group, which is involved in the industrial and financial sector. Apart from business, he is the honorary consulate general of Portugal and Chairperson of Nepal Britain Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He earlier served as first vice-chairperson […]

The Path towards Positivism Continues (Special Editorial)


Dear Readers and Well Wishers, We have stepped one step in our journey. The journey started almost at the same time the Constituent Assembly promulgated the new constitution fulfilling the almost six decade long dream of the Nepali people. We have started test operation from August 2015 and formally launched the news portal from 08 […]

We need to have new brains and leadership to address and lead people of the new era: Pradip Nepal

Pradip Nepal

Pradip Nepal is a renowned name in the field of politics and literature. He has been involved in both fields for more than four and a half decades and succeeded in both. He is very popular for his straightforward views. However, it is said that he has not got the position he rightly deserves in […]

How productive we are? A lesson from Tanzania (Commentary)


Kathmandu: The President of Tanzania John Magufuli cancelled a lavish independence-day celebration program and diverted the budget of $1.9 m to expanding a congested road and street cleaning, replacing the Independence Day celebrations with a National Day of Cleanliness during which he collected rubbish himself. Magufuli scaled down the inauguration of the new parliament, channelling […]

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Even though it’s late, victims will get something from the commission: Subedi

Cecil and Harambe; a lesson for Himalayan Republic

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We want real conversion of our students beyond religion: Fr. Boniface Tigga, Regional Superior of Nepal Jesuit Society

I am inspired by the kindness, decency and warmth of the people of Nepal: DeLisi